Soul Inspired House #042 – Clear – June 2016

It’s winter in Sydney but after some horrendous storms, we’ve had some glorious clear days over the past week or so. Get outside and use this as the perfect background to whatever pastime you use to clear your mind of daily hassles! This month’s mix is extra-long as I decided to clear out my backlog of tracks. Hopefully that clears things up …… Enjoy it!

Title Artist
I Don’t Know (Original Mix) Nuphonic
Feel Good Movement (Danny J Lewis Remix) Mike City, Danny J Lewis
I Put A Spell On You (Honeycomb & Vega Mix) Honeysweet, Cindy Mizelle, Josh Milan, Louie Vega
Masterpiece (feat. Anya V) (Original Mix) DJ E-Clyps, Anya V
Let It Go (Alex Ander Soulful Bliss Remix) Steven Stone, L.T. Brown
Her Eyes (Jay-J’s Shifted up Mix) Ron Carroll, Jay-J
Hold The Key (Original Mix) Soulfunktion, Mike City
Whatcha Gonna Do Dj Able, Donald Sheffey
Holding On (Crackazat Remix) Sean McCabe, Crackazat
Funky Feelin’ (Original Mix) Re-Tide
Holding On feat. Jennifer Wallace (Sean’s Extended Mix) Sean McCabe, Jennifer Wallace
Spend Some Time (Micky More Deep Mix) Andy Tee, Danny Losito, Kareem Shabazz
I Got The Feeling Right (FRANKSTAR Dance Mix) Pauline Henry, FRANKSTAR
Fortune Teller (DJ Spinna Galactic Soul Remix) DJ Kemit, Eric Roberson
Welcome Aboard (Mario Basanov Remix) Liquideep
Imagine Me (Original Mix) Darryl D’ Bonneau, Viola Sykes
Good Love (Audio Jacker Remix) Martello, Sheree Hicks, Audio Jacker
Why? (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix) Gianni Junior, Dawn Tallman, DJ Spen, Gary Hudgins
You (Incl. DJ Spinna Mixes) (DJ Spinna Mix) Soulstation
I Need Your Love Right Now Dede, Maremare

Soul Inspired House #041 – Perspective – May 2016

As we prepare for the southern winter, we look back wistfully at the summer that was. Lazy beach days are but a fading memory. Maybe it’s time to head north!

Give Me a Sign (Lovebirds Reserva Limitada Mix) Lovebirds, Holly Backler
My Honey (Christian Alvarez Classic Mix) Steve Synfull, Christian Alvarez
I Don’t Know (Original) Adri Block
It Was Only A Matter Of Time (Original Mix) Nuphonic
This Is House (Mr. V Remix) Nhlangano, Zulumafia, Mr. V, Miss Patty
Watcha Gonna Do With My Lovin (F & B House Mix) Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco Feat.La Shonda Reese
Take Me Higher Ross Couch
Black Ink (Aaron Ross & Sterling Ensemble Remix) SanXero, Daniel De Bourg, Aaron Ross, Sterling Ensemble
Find A Better Way (Dj Spen Remix) Silvia Zaragoza, François A, Dyanna Fearon, DJ Spen
Do To Me, Pt. 2 (Shane D Remix) SoulFunktion, FAMA, Shane D
Mighty Skies (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Mighty High Mix) Adam Rios, Stephanie Cooke, Gary Hudgins, DJ Spen
Friends (Main Mix) Neil Pierce, Ziggy Funk, Kele Le Roc
Wait For Me Soulful Session, Cheryl Lee
Saved My Day (Reelsoul Vocal Mix) Butter BPM, Reelsoul

Soul Inspired House EP#040 – Condition – April 2016

House music is a condition as painful as a beautiful sunset. Who would want to be cured? Enjoy 🙂

My Baby (Original Mix) BSJ
There Must Be Love (Kenny Carpenter Ozone Layer Mix) David Morales, Janice Robinson, Kenny Carpenter
Falling (Don’t Stop Me) (Ross Couch Vocal Remix) The Lucius Project, Diana Lynn, Ross Couch
Feelings Pool (SoulfulMix) Simon Groove
Chance 4 Love (Classic Mix) Yanik Coen, Max’C
Let’s Go Back (Original Mix) Da Mooch
Right Here Right Now (Dj Spen, Gary Hudgins & Thommy Davis Remix) Alicia Myers, DJ Spen, Gary Hudgins, Thommy Davis
No Good For You (Dj Spen & Soulfuledge Remix) DJ Spen, Hanlei
If You Really Want It (Johan S Classic Vocal Mix) Rhythm Inc, Johan S
Dance Floor (Original Mix) Soulbridge, Rachael Calladine
Optimistic (Original) Zepherin Saint, Ann Nesby, G3
Your Love (Main Mix) Booker T, Inner Life
DLove (Garage Mix) Madji’k



Soulful House Mix #24 – Journeyman – December 2014

This month’s mix marks 2 years of my mixing journey. Mastery is still but a destination.8984216_l

  1. Breaking The Law (Zepherin Saint edit) – Emeli Sandé
  2. Believe In Me (Aphrodisiax Remix) – Altered Natives
  3. Beautiful (Original Mix) – Peyton, Frankie Knuckles, Eric Kupper, Director’s Cut
  4. Tired (Rhemi Main Mix) – Rhemi, Nicole Mitchell
  5. Why Can’t We See (Soulmagic Remix) – Blind Truth
  6. To Be In Love 2014 (Fake Remedy Remix) – Paradise 45, Nalaya
  7. Left Your Love (Director’s Cut Signature Mix) – Climbers, Yasmine Azaiez
  8. From The Inside (Lovebirds Piano Forte Mix) – Chasing Kurt
  9. Here To Stay – Ross Couch
  10. Over (Original Mix) – Carl Price
  11. Read Between The Lines (Richard Earnshaw Vocal Mix) – Antonello Ferrari, Dawn Tallman
  12. We Are (Original Mix) – Richard Earnshaw pres. Modified People
  13. It’s All You (Rasoul Remix) – Phaze Dee
  14. Superstar (Reel People Vocal Mix) – The Company


Soulful House Mix #23 – You and I – November 2014

Insert commentary here .. 8952797_l

  1. 64 Ways (Kerri Kaoz Chandler Vocal Remix) – Detroit Swindle, Mayer Hawthorne
  2. Loving You (Lenny RX & Eric Kupper Remix) – Kenny Summit, Frankie Knuckles, Director’s Cut, Yasmeen
  3. Let Me See You (Clap Your Hands) – Michele Chiavarini
  4. Calling You – Ross Couch
  5. House Be Good To Me (Original Mix) – The Sunchasers
  6. My Soldier (Richard Earnshaw Remix) – Promonova, Janine Johnson
  7. I’ll Take You  (Richard Earnshaw Re – Beat Edit) – Jon Cutler
  8. Stepping Out (Rhemi Dub Mix) – Rhemi, Tess Leah
  9. Lets Do It Again (DJ Spen & Soulfuledge Remix) – Mr Mike
  10. Slave 2 The Rhythm  (Goove Assassin’s Mix ) – Chris Forman, Chris Dockins
  11. The Right Way ( Vocal Mix) – Dj Able
  12. I Need You (Main Mix) – H.I.M.W.O.L
  13. I Want You (Montana & Stewart Remix) – Two 4 Soul, Chelsea Como
  14. Best Friends – Lilac Jeans

Soulful House Mix #22 – Birthday MkII – October 2014

October is the birthday month so here comes the bonus mix! 

  1. 8933136_l (1) A Better Life (Tribe Vocal Mix) – Zepherin Saint, Sonny Harrelson
  2. Love You More (Main Mix) – GodSon, Shatti
  3. So High – Alankara, Frankie McCoy
  4. Sunday Afternoon(Feat. Deborah Falanga) (Crossroads Soulful Mix) – Crossroads
  5. Harriett Jones (Feat. The Afropeans Revisit) (Reelsoul Main Remix) – Eric Benèt
  6. All I Want To Do (Manjits Main Mix) – SuSu Bobien
  7. Running To Love (Richard Earnshaw Remix) – Steven Stone, Andrea Love
  8. I Need To Love Me (Sandy Rivera’s Club Mix) – Kings Of Tomorrow, April
  9. Stronger (Paris Cesvette Remix) – Brandon Williams, Jean Baylor
  10. Gimme – Gimme (Disco Shimmy) (Gimme – Gimme (Disco Shimmy)) – Frankie Knuckles feat. Niki Richards & Frankie Knuckles
  11. Obsessions (Original Mix) – Soulmanik
  12. Good Feelin (Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper Director’s Cut Mix) – Inaya Day, Duane Harden, Frankie Knuckles, Eric Kupper, Director’s Cut
  13. Love Alive (Danny Clark Main Mix) – Heather Johnson

Soulful House Mix #21 – RollerCoaster – October 2014

rollercoasterIt was a bit of a rollercoaster ride putting together this month’s mix – hopefully you find the final result as enjoyable as I do.

  1. I Can Feel It (Piano Love Mix) – Miguel Migs
  2. Free (Is All I Wanna Be) (Ralf GUM Main Mix) – Ralf GUM, Portia Monique
  3. Taken Over (Booker T Main Mix.) – Tai Malone
  4. Hurt My Soul (Grant Nelson Remix) – Mode Nine, Damon Trueitt
  5. Love Don’t Take Over (Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper Director’s Cut Signature Mix) – MG Select, Cece Peniston
  6. Never Gonna Let You Down (Husky’s Bobbin’ Head Vocal Mix) – Richard Earnshaw, Orlando Vaughan
  7. Saturday Night (Spiritual Blessings Remix) – JoioDJ, Emma Diva
  8. Happy Endings (DJ Man – X Sunset Nights Vocal) – DJ Man – X & Vick Lavender feat. Shawnee Taylor
  9. Be Free (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Flying Colors Mix) – Melissa B
  10. Pressure (Lewis Ferrier Remix) – Little Big Band
  11. Still Water (Spiritchaser Remix) – Rocco, Khensy

Soulful House Mix # 020 – Trust – September 2014

trustBeauty. Love. Faith. Praise. Trust.  All of these themes come together this month to make what I have to say is a most enjoyable mix.  I hope you like it too!

Track List:

  1. Beautiful View (Rancido’s Traveling Soul Mix) – Antonello Ferrari
  2. All I’m Sayin’ (Original Mix) – Allovers, Lisa Shaw
  3. No Lie (The Layabouts Mix) – Zano
  4. Eternal Lover (Pray For More Remix) – Bibi, Sami Dee, Konga Motel Feat. CeCe Peniston
  5. My Love Is Special (Original Mix) – Le Babar, Damon Trueitt
  6. Testify (Sing) (Sacred Monster Original Mix) – Bobby D’Ambrosio, Leah Joy
  7. Praise Him (Reelsoul Remix) – Michelle Weeks, Scott Diaz
  8. I Believe –  Uplift Mix   (Jeremias Santiago, FTL Records Uplift Mix ) – Tia Holt
  9. Just You (Booker T Mix) – Terry Lex
  10. No Making Up With You (Terry Hunter BANG! Remix) – Peven Everett
  11. You And Me – Ross Couch
  12. Just Let Go (Free Fall Into Me) (Remix) – The SyntheTigers

Soulful House Mix #19 – Happy Thursday – August 2014

happy thursdayA lovely stew of tunes I put together while getting dinner ready on Thursday night. Two of the tracks bear an uncanny semblance to one another but I can’t find anything in common (writer, singer, producer, ???). Just a coincidence i guess 🙂 Enjoy! 

Track List:

    1. Love Letters (Michelle Shellers & DJ Marcuis Main Mix) – Michelle Shellers
    2. Time (Dvine Brothers Club Mix) – Nick Holder, Sacha
    3. Sky Is the Limit – Lilac Jeans, SUE
    4. So Gone (Greg Gauthier & Alex Finkin Mix) – Sean Smith, Carla Prather
    5. We Are On The Move (Joey Negro Revival Mix) – Zo!, Erro, Phonte
    6. Follow The Sign  (Original Mix ) – Denis Bjorn, Nick Sinckler
    7. Free Your Mind – Soul Ty
    8. Walk Away (Walk Away (ATFC’s VB Weekender Vocal)) – ATFC feat. Lisa Shaw
    9. Get Your Music On (Golf Clap Remix) – Scott Diaz
    10. Brand New Day 2014 (Pray For More Remix) – Pray For More, Eddy
    11. Circles In My Mind (Joey Negro Club Mix) – TrAmHed
    12. Love Myself (Original Mix) – Ron Allen, Sara London
    13. I Am Not In Love (CVO Slum Illa Mix) – Glenn Underground, Swaylo



Soulful House Mix #18 – New Beginnings – July 2014

This month we celebrate new beginnings with something old, something new, something new beginningssoulful and something deep. Special thanks to Point Blank FM’s DJ Simon Andrews for the troubled soul safari podcast – a great track discovery resource for some of the more obscure items (e.g. #4).

Track List:

  1. Deep Inside (Deep Sound Effect Remix) – Locket Soul
  2. Love You More (Chymamusique Mix) – GodSon, Shatti
  3. A Better Way (WTN Peak Time Dub Mix) – Wipe the Needle
  4. Meant 4 You (Freddy Gonzalez Remix) – Marta Podulka
  5. 2 Step Mix – Vangela Crowe
  6. Far Away (Distant Music Mix) – Kimara Lovelace
  7. Pick It Up (Sean McCabe Club Vocal Mix) – Carolyn Harding, Kerri Chandler
  8. Lovesick – Scott Diaz
  9. I’m Losing You  (Amped Organ Mix ) – Rhemi
  10. No Honey (Original Mix) – Audiowhores
  11. If You Feel – Juliet Fox
  12. Pieces Of My Dreams (The Layabouts Remix) – Matthew Bandy, Diane Charlemagne
  13. Dance For Me (Original Mix) – The Sunchasers
  14. Together We Stand ( 2 Step Mix ) – Charvoni
  15. So High – Alankara, Frankie McCoy