Monthly Archives: May 2016

Soul Inspired House EP#040 – Condition – April 2016

House music is a condition as painful as a beautiful sunset. Who would want to be cured? Enjoy 🙂

My Baby (Original Mix) BSJ
There Must Be Love (Kenny Carpenter Ozone Layer Mix) David Morales, Janice Robinson, Kenny Carpenter
Falling (Don’t Stop Me) (Ross Couch Vocal Remix) The Lucius Project, Diana Lynn, Ross Couch
Feelings Pool (SoulfulMix) Simon Groove
Chance 4 Love (Classic Mix) Yanik Coen, Max’C
Let’s Go Back (Original Mix) Da Mooch
Right Here Right Now (Dj Spen, Gary Hudgins & Thommy Davis Remix) Alicia Myers, DJ Spen, Gary Hudgins, Thommy Davis
No Good For You (Dj Spen & Soulfuledge Remix) DJ Spen, Hanlei
If You Really Want It (Johan S Classic Vocal Mix) Rhythm Inc, Johan S
Dance Floor (Original Mix) Soulbridge, Rachael Calladine
Optimistic (Original) Zepherin Saint, Ann Nesby, G3
Your Love (Main Mix) Booker T, Inner Life
DLove (Garage Mix) Madji’k