Soulful House Mix #12 – Valentine’s Day 2014

An uplifting mix to bring joy to your Valentine’s day and weekend.Small_Red_RoseShare it with your loved one before the slow jams kick in 🙂

Track List:

  1. It’s Your World (Deeper Ny Club Mix) (Deeper Ny Club Mix) – Vaceo, Irfan Rainy, Rex Leon
  2. I Wanna Be More Feat. Taliwa (Club Mix) – Souldynamic, Taliwa
  3. Mr. Weather Man Feat. Leanne (M&S Sure Shot Vox) – Leanne, Soulful Session
  4. Letter To A Friend (Incl. Richard Earnshaw Mix) (Richard Earnshaw Vocal Remix) – Shobha
  5. Oh Yeah (Dj Man X Sunset Night Vocal) – Dj Man X Feat.. Natasha Watts
  6. When Can Our Love Begin (Richard Earnshaw Remix) – Kimara Lovelace
  7. Facts (Original Vibe) – Audiowhores, Stee Downes
  8. Pressure (Inc. Richard Earnshaw & Andy Ward Mixes) (Richard Earnshaw Classic Vocal Mix) – Park Street Feat. Diana Waite
  9. Forever (Main Mix) – Deepcitysoul, Timmy Vegas, Jennifer Wallace
  10. Stay (Booker T Main Vocal Mix) – Klevakeys
  11. I’ve Been Waitin’ For Ya (Club Mix) – Tavo
  12. Bring Me Joy (Director’s Cut Remix) – The Layabouts, Portia Monique
  13. Hostile Takeover (Dj Spen & N’dinga Gaba Remix) – Lynn Lockamy, Soulful Session
  14. We Can Heal (Dj Spen & Gary Hudgins Vocal Mix) – House For The Homeless
  15. Moment Of My Life (Osio & Jones Family Remix 2013) – Michelle Weeks, Bobby D’ambrosio

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